Restoration Process

If the issue is rail profile deviation (crowning, lips forming on bottom of V-rail, bevels, etc.), a profile survey is made, the rail system is checked for level, and a grind plan is developed. If the problems arise from alignment, rail survey is made, providing a survey map of the exact condition of the rails, separately and in relation to each other.  A laser is used to identify and correct any alignment defects. 

A drive motor and grinder brackets are attached to the carriage.

The V-RAIL is shimmed (if possible) and aligned, and all three surfaces are ground, using a laser line when necessary, removing all vertical and horizontal deviations.  Grouted rails cannot be adjusted, so any deviation must be corrected by grinding.

Before grinding

After grinding

The FLAT RAIL is shimmed, if possible, then the grinder is moved to the flat rail side, and the flat rail is ground level with the V-rail.

Work can be scheduled so there is no downtime for your mill.

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